“Where there is love there is life.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes we get the opportunity to hone our photography skills on our great friends. We love taking photos of nature and all the life within it, technically humans are included in wildlife photography J It can almost be more difficult to photograph ourselves because of our changing emotions. When we do have the opportunity to photograph special moments in our family and friends lives we always try to make the backdrop match their lives and lifestyle. Hoping to bring out natural emotions and to allow the beauty around them to help them feel more at home and comfortable. We had the privilege of photographing two of our dearest friends Serena Neff and Sean Sultan.

Both Serena and Sean have a maritime background, both working on a daily basis on the ocean, and helping others to see the mystery and beauty that our oceans hold. So even though they spend sometimes their entire day in Lahaina Harbor it made the most sense to take their photos here.

2012 was a challenging time for Serena and Sean, but it ended with a beautiful proposal to help carry them over into 2013. This year has already been a very eventful one, which will eventually lead up to their wedding at the end of October. It is very apparent the love these two share for each other as well as the third member of their family Scupper! He found himself in almost all of the photos J

There are times in our lives when things side track us from the road we thought we should be traveling. It takes a large amount of courage, dedication and love to help guide us through the tough times and back onto this curvy road called life. Serena’s battle with cancer has lead her to a place in life where she has more clarity and determination to help not just herself but those around her. It was one of the hardest times in our lives as well watching someone you love so much be challenged on a daily basis. Not even knowing if we would get to the day where we could photograph this sweet moment in their lives. But in difficult situations it is almost easier to find the light instead of the dark, the positive instead of the negative, and to rely on your friends and family instead of sinking inside your self. Serena has taught thousands of people through her blog about the struggles of cancer, but she has also taught everyone a new way to look at life. So that when special moments like an engagement or a wedding happen you can really grab hold of those moments and squeeze the most love, laughter and happiness out of them that is possible.

 “Where there is love there is life.”

~Mahatma Gandhi



















 We love you three. 

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