Pu'u Keka'a By Night

Last night we went out on our first night dive of our lives! We went off of Black Rock Kaanapali, where we have heard the nightlife under the sea there is the place to be! There has been a lot of surf over the last few days so we weren’t sure on the conditions. Diving at night is already a little unnerving and then adding in the surf plus murky conditions created a little more anxiety. Once we dropped down and all of our lights were shining in and around the same area helped ease this anxiety. We were greeted with so much wildlife from the beginning. Our hour dive was filled with a lot of nocturnal animals that you can’t always see during the day. Here are a few of the animals we saw:

Splendid Pebble CrabIMG_0240.jpg

 Jeweled Anemone CrabIMG_0248.jpg

 Day OctopusIMG_0250.jpg

 Hawaiian Whitespotted TobyIMG_0254.jpg

 Ambon Toby SleepingIMG_0272.jpg

 Hawaiian Conger Eel + Poor Little Multi-Band ButterflyfishIMG_0263.jpgWe also saw a small white-tipped reef shark, slip lobsters, cowries, seven sea turtles, and the list goes on!! By far the highlight of the night for us was watching a Hawaiian Conger Eel snap its jaws around the Multi-Band Butterflyfish! Doing anything at night adds that element of unknown, whether you are on a night hike or scuba diving, you just never know what is out there with you, because you can only see where your beam of light is shining!

You can also view these photos on our facebook page. 

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