Mālama Honolua


Wow! What an awesome swell to kick off the 2012/13 season. Similar to the earliest Humpback Whales ever spotted in Hawaii this year, these early waves had to have set a record as well. I need to get better at documenting the actual direction, period, size, tide, ect… For future reference… Over all I would say the weather cooperated pretty good. Some much needed rain broke the stream, though it seemed to wash out quick enough to not affect the waves and reef very much. Plus it made for the shot of a lifetime over the cave (see cover shot)! Even more killer was the fact my stay-cation started the day the swell showed up and was the most optimal, Sunday. The super high tide midmorning/early afternoon made for more walled conditions, luckily the evening low shaped thingd up for some more consistent caves and an awesome swim.

I absolutely love surf on Maui. Coming from being an avid skimboarder in Santa Cruz and Laguna Beach, CA, my appreciation for fickle conditions runs deep. This is why I feel Maui is one of the most unique surf destinations in the island chain, when she turns on. Though most spots are super inconstant on island, when she fire’s she rivals any similar world class break of her kind. Honolua, amongst many other spots on island, is very temperamental in this aspect. She is super picky about the conditions required to make her pop. Though when she does decide to display her plumage, it’s almost like a triple rainbow! Mālama Honolua.

A BIG Mahalo to all the contributions towards the newly created Honolua Hale, the final outcome is more than everyone had imagined. Mike Parsons described Honolua Bay once as “The Most Natural Surfing Arena in the Sport” and I think the Honolua Hale just brought it to another level.

Here’s to a textbook season! Let’s keep it up Mother Nature. Your hard work and dedication, to bring us super consistent tasty waves, does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Aloha. Check out the rest of the photos on our facebook page.


IMG_0603.jpg Timothy WoodIMG_0566.jpgDreyson Cordova-KinimakaIMG_0413.jpgIMG_0707.jpgIMG_0715.jpg

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