Hawea Point Underwater

We have been trying to dive a lot more these past few months, and we have always wanted to try a kayak dive on our own out at Hawea Point, but a little nervous to do it without seeing it once with a professional. So today we went out with Kapalua Dive, paddled up the coast and anchored in a little calm bay on the back side of Hawea.We just purchased a new Canon G12 camera and underwater housing, it worked really well! Here are some of the marine animals we saw!

Red-Spotted NudibranchIMG_0071.jpg

 Zebra Moray EelIMG_0067.jpg

Dragon Moray EelIMG_0059.jpg

The Dragon Moray Eel was a first for Thomas and I, and it is very rarely seen out here on the reefs!! I knew it was a Dragon Moray Eel because it has long nasal tubes over its eyes, kind of like horns. It is said that they are more common in the Norther-Western Hawaiian Island Chain vs. the main islands. Its Hawaiian name is Puhi ‘o’a, the species name means “Leopard”. We are still so excited about this find!


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