NNW 5-7ft @ 331° 20 sec 10/10/12

The second winter swell of the season graced the islands earlier this week and played out to be one for the books in many ways. Though I wanted to spend my limited time at Jaws, we have yet to invest in a telephoto lens worth making the trek. Hanging tight for the highlights is sometimes the way to go I suppose.  Like many others I was up at early dawn to no avail in the swell prediction the first morning. This is why we love you Maui; just when we think all the elements are set up and systems are a go the crickets start chirping. Maui’s swell windows are very particular. On the North West end we are hoping for storms to produce a swell direction between 335°-360°(for Honolua Bay mostly). Any more or less of an angle island shadowing comes into play. Luckily the period of this swell was pretty long at around 20 seconds. This helped refract the waves around Molokai allowing the peak of the swell to crank on a few of our favorite destinations. Unfortunately my schedule worked against me this time and I was not able to capture much of the event. I did manage to click a few keepers however that I hope you will enjoy. Check out the full album Here. Aloha!

Dylan LehmannIMG_1198.jpgKevin SullivanIMG_1404.jpgCave Sequence.jpg

Mark AndersonIMG_1487.jpgIMG_1496.jpg

bout time.jpg

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