Pā ‘ana a ka lā‘ means sunshine in Hawaiian and that is what we have been experiencing on the island of Kauai. We took a drive yesterday to the North Shore and I completely fell in love with Hanalei. Close your eyes and imagine a place where on each side of you are tall jagged cliffs draped in a green canopy of vegetation with cascading 3,000 foot waterfalls tucked into the crevices of these mountains. Tucked at the base of this is a small town surrounded by taro fields. In these taro fields endangered Nene, endemic geese to the Hawaiian Islands feed and rest. When you open your eyes, know that this is a place that exists, a place that will make you stop, stare and make you realize that amazing beauty can still exist amongst humans. That not everything has to be conquered and developed. That this place is apart of the United States! I am still in awe Hanalei and hope that everyone can experience this magical place by the sea. I forget to mention that the ocean is also present here, and long running rivers exit the waterfall’s fresh water, creating a brackish environment all of its own. We traded the ‘Pā ‘ana a ka lā‘ sunshine yesterday for ‘Wai’ele’ waterfalls and rain. The Hawaiian’s have over 100 words for rain; yesterday’s rain was fairly heavy but warm, or ‘kawa’. The rain was a curtain on these mountains masking their beauty and just as if someone had pulled the string, the curtains opened and unveiled the pure beauty of Hawaii.




We also found a beach made completely made from glass! Some parts of the beach also had black sand, but for the most part as far down as you could dig there was sea glass! It is a little sad once you think about what sand was here before millions of pieces of glass was, but it is also amazing that the ocean can smooth and polish glass into fine particles similar to sand!

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