In our first blog post we were talking about how we are surrounded everyday by beauty. We aren’t referring to just here on Maui but everywhere! We had mentioned how sometimes we have to go out and find these “things”, open our eyes more, be more adventurous, whatever it takes to realize the unique beauties that surround all of us. Well today was a perfect example of just that. I was sitting in our back room working on organizing our thousands of photos when my phone rang in the living room. As I turned the corner I was greeted by this massively bright and colorful rainbow stretched out across the Pacific Ocean! In Hawaii rainbows are called ‘anuenue’ and are always greeted with a smile. Who doesn’t love a rainbow?!?! I am sure by now we have all watched the double rainbow video, if you haven’t here is the link. It is a little extreme but at least he is excited about it ;) We stop the car for rainbows that is how much we love to photograph them. Here are a few of the pictures I snapped this morning:

Upload from July 13, 2012What is so impressive about rainbows is the science behind them. To think that even when it is raining out and all the colors around you are muted and gray that out of nowhere a break in the clouds happens and the sun bursts through causing a rainbow to form. If you are ever wondering which direction a rainbow will form it will always be opposite the sun. Here on Maui at least on the West Side, in the morning the rainbows generally for over the ocean and at night when the sun is setting over the West Maui Mountains. If you are so lucky to see a double rainbow form, like the man in the video above hehe then you might notice something about the order of the colors…they are reversed! Light is being reflected twice through the water droplet! This was such an unexpected treat this morning. Since we are on the topic of rainbows we would love to share with you probably one of our favorite photos that includes a rainbow
Upload from July 25, 2012There really aren’t too many words to describe these two photos, other than: who knew there really was gold at the end of the rainbow! Hope you enjoy these images and may they bring some color into your life!Upload from July 25, 2012

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Our blog gives us as photographers and environmentalists an opportunity to put words to our photos. Many of our photos do not require much of a description but there are usually so many emotions attached to our photos and we would like to share them with you!