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Sometimes life is full of challenges, sometimes…who are we kidding lately it seems challenges are an everyday occurrence. We are reminded by our friends and family to lift our chin and push through these challenges because you can only become a stronger more well rounded person after you face them. This past Thursday we weren’t reminded by our friends to conquer these challenges, but instead by golf ball sized Hawksbill Sea Turtles who hatched from their nest and proceeded to the shoreline. Golf ball sized hatchlings! Don’t believe us see below:


The amazing thing about sea turtles is that they return to the same beach that they were born on (the females that is). They haul out dig a body cavity and drop anywhere from 80-150 eggs in their nest. The top 10 or so eggs are unfertilized, so that if any predator were to dig up the nest at least the remaining eggs will have a chance at survival. The eggs incubate for about two months. The temperature of the sand plays a huge role in the sex of the turtle. Hot chicks and cool dudes. Once the turtles hatch they face such a long life full of challenges that is if they even make it to the sea! Once they make it to the sea they live out in the open ocean and will reach maturity at ago 30, and will return to the beach they were born to start reproducing. It is estimated for the leatherback sea turtle population at least that 1 out of 1,000 sea turtles will survive until adulthood! Talk about a life full of obstscles!


Sometimes life can defiantly seem unfair and tough, but there are reminders all around us trying to point out just how lucky we really are in life. Whether it is the sunset you get to watch in the evening, the animals in your life, the friends that you surround yourself with, the fact that you can drive to and from work without getting picked off by a giant flying predator, or that amazing feeling when all the elements come together and you are able to capture that moment in time with a photograph. We do live challenging lives, but they are also full with so many rewards!IMG_9240.jpg

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