Spirit of Aloha

When moved to Hawaii we knew that there was something special about these islands, we couldn’t put our finger on it but we knew. We weren’t expecting what we have seen and experienced. As photographers we want to photograph those moments in time where you wish you could press the pause button and just hold onto that time forever. So often we realize how special that time was in our lives a little too late, and wish that we could go back and have some solid memory that it happened. Sharing our photos and experiences with people allow us to expose a side of Hawaii that so many forget. Hawaii isn’t just about the Mai Tais, Leis, Zip-Lining, Shopping, there is so much more here that so many fail to see. Having my parents experience the spiritual side of the islands helped them to understand why we have grown roots here and feel so connected to the land. Thomas being a concierge and myself being a Marine Biologist and Naturalist has allowed us through work to learn about the islands and have a better understanding of their history and their future. On the night of July 31, with a little bit of the old Hawaii and the new, the islands welcomed us with open arms and rewarded my parents for the thirty years they have dedicated to each other, and healed their hearts to allow them to move forward another 30 years. We can sit here and write about how this evening made us feel, but sometimes images tell the story better. We are so thankful and blessed when the people closest to us can experience the hidden majesty and allow the aloha spirit to resonate within. 

The skies opened up and sunshine flooded our lens as well as rainbows, emerald green mountains, turquoise ocean, Hawaiian chants and musical notes from Thomas’s ukulele:



These are the moments that we live for, the ones full of love, laughter and happiness. These photos make us happy, we hope that you enjoy them as well.

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Our blog gives us as photographers and environmentalists an opportunity to put words to our photos. Many of our photos do not require much of a description but there are usually so many emotions attached to our photos and we would like to share them with you!